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What has this billing service done to assist in the reduction of false alarm calls. How do they reduce calls?

Washoe County law enforcement personnel respond to thousands of false alarm calls every year. These unnecessary responses place a considerable drain on our manpower and resources as well as significant unnecessary expenses. This burden in turn reduces the time available to respond to real emergencies.

To help relieve this burden, the County implemented a False Alarm Reduction Program in 2009 which instituted a requirement for residents and businesses to obtain permits for their alarms as well as establishing the rights and responsibilities of residents, businesses, and alarm monitoring services.

As mentioned, the ordinance was implemented in 2009 and was initially administered by an organization other than CryWolf. The County entered into an agreement with CryWolf in July 2018 to take over the program’s administration. Our initial goal was to inform residents of the change in vendors and get resident permits verified and established to ensure our law enforcement personnel have the most current data in our emergency dispatch system. Our second goal was collaborating with alarm monitoring service companies to ensure their compliance with responsibilities established in the ordinance.

Upcoming goals will focus on the reduction of false alarm calls through the education of residents and businesses on information such as the primary causes of false alarms, steps to reduce false alarms, important facts related to alarm systems, alarm maintenance, steps to take when an alarm is accidentally triggered, etc. Historically, this type of information sharing has reduced the number of false alarms in Washoe County and in other jurisdictions nationwide with similar ordinances. 

Washoe County is currently collecting information to help us make any needed revisions to the existing ordinance in the near future. In the interim, our staff appreciates your interest in the program and welcomes any feedback, input, comments, etc. to help us going forward. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments.


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