Absentee or Mail Ballots

Can anybody request an Absent Ballot?
Can I drop off my mail-in ballot at an Early Voting site or Election Day Polling location to be counted?
Can I have someone else turn in my ballot for me?
Can I request a permanent status for an absentee ballot?
Can I write-in my candidate of choice if I don’t like who I have to choose from?
Do I need to include a copy of my ID with my ballot?
How do I return my voted Mail-in Ballot?
How long after I submit my request form will I receive my ballot?
I accidentally marked a candidate I did not want. Now what?
I accidentally signed my wife/husband’s envelope. What should I do?
I accidentally used a felt tip pen on my ballot. What can I do?
I am serving in the military and need an Absentee Ballot.
I forgot to sign my envelope and I already sealed it. Now what?
I just found out that I’m leaving tomorrow and I need an Absent Ballot before I go. Can I just come pick one up?
I live overseas and need to request an Absentee Ballot.
I lost my ballot! What can I do?
I lost my envelope! What can I do?
I lost my envelope. Can I just put my ballot in my husband/wife/son/daughter’s envelope with theirs?
I need an absent ballot but I know my signature has changed from what you have on file.
I received my Absent Ballot and I don’t see the race that I wanted to vote on. Do I have the right ballot?
I sealed my envelope and sent it in without my ballot. Can I still send it in?
I will be traveling and would like to vote absentee. Will my ballot be forwarded with my other mail by the post office while I am away?
I’m going on a cruise/vacation and I can’t receive mail. Can I vote by email?
I’m going to school out of state, how can I still vote?
It is past the deadline to request an Absent Ballot and I’ve been called away on business or other emergency. How do I vote?
When is the deadline to request an Absentee Ballot?
When is the deadline to return my absentee ballot?
Where can I find the Absent Ballot Request Form?

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