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Livestock Zoning

Animal Services does not regulate livestock zoning within the cities or county. To find zoning regulations in your jurisdiction please contact one of the following departments for guidance dependent on where you reside:

Washoe County Community Services Division (775) 328-6106                  
Washoe County Code Enforcement   Email:

Reno Code Enforcement (775) 334-4636                
City of Reno Code Enforcement    Email:

Sparks Code Enforcement (775) 353-4063
City of Sparks Zoning     Email:


Per Washoe County Code  (WCC) 110.330.20 (b):

On parcels ranging in size from one-half (.5) acre to less than thirty-five thousand (35, 000) square feet in size, two (2) adult livestock may be kept. Offspring of the permitted livestock may remain on the parcel until they reach twelve (12) months of age. 

Washoe County Code (WCC) does not limit the number of livestock animals such as goats, horses, cows, pigs, on properties that are over 35,000 sq ft.

If you feel that the animal's welfare is being abused or that the property owner is not removing the manure from the property, please contact Animal Services and Environmental Health Services respectively as stated in the code under 110.330.20(c).   

Click Here for the full Washoe County Development Code

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