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De-Icing Brine on WC Roads

Both NDOT and Washoe County Roads apply brine (water/salt mix) on the roadways throughout Washoe County including the Lake Tahoe Basin. The use of brine as a proactive approach, actually decreases the use of sand and salt during and after storms, as we are able to clear the snow from the roadways easier. The brine reduces the bond between the snow and the roadway causing less packed snow/ice conditions that we would typically need to be sanded/salted for traction. 

Our entire road maintenance program is regulated by the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) for the lake clarity program. Our roads program also incorporates many activities that reduce and capture pollutant sources from entering the lake, including the materials used for winter road maintenance. These activities include things like routine sweeping, the use of technology that meters the application rates of sand/salt/brine, annual inspections and cleaning as necessary of the drainage infrastructure that is designed to capture pollutant sources, routine inspections and reporting requirements.  


Updated 4/17/2024 4:52 PM
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