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Nuisance Codes - Business License Regulations

Nuisance Codes – Business License Regulations

This information sheet summarizes the most common types of code complaints received by the
Planning & Building Division within the Community Services Department. Please contact the
Division’s compliance staff at 775.328.6106 or for more
information on any of these common complaints. Complaints may also be submitted on-line
through Washoe311.

The Division’s Code Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are authorized to enforce certain nuisance
regulations. These regulations include:
Outdoor storage of junk vehicles, building material, and/or appliances, and/or debris in
public view.
Remedy: All vehicles, material, appliances, and/or debris must be removed or screened
from public view. Vehicles may also be registered with DMV and therefore not
considered as a junk vehicle. Building material is allowed with a valid building
permit. Screening must be at least 6 feet in height, and must provide both physical
separation and visual obscuration on all sides and in all seasons.
Notes: Storage is a time period longer than 72 hours.
“Public view” means plainly visible from the public right-of-way. Items enclosed
within a lawful screen (e.g., a fence) are not considered to be in public view.
Complaints about solid waste, trash, refuse, rubbish and/or garbage should be
reported to the Health District on-line through Washoe311 or by phone at
Maintenance of a property in such a state of disrepair or deterioration that could cause
damage to other property or improvements, or cause or contribute to blight and a
substantial reduction in the value of neighboring properties.
Remedy: The condition on the property must be remedied, rectified and/or removed.
Note: Often the nuisance conditions on these properties are more properly classified as
another type of County Code violation. Code compliance staff should be
contacted for more information.
Excessive foliage and/or other nuisance conditions on the exterior of any foreclosed
residential property.
Remedy: The foliage or nuisance condition on the property must be remedied, rectified
and/or removed.

Business license code violations typically include:
Operating a business in the unincorporated County without a valid Washoe County business
Remedy: The business must obtain a Washoe County business license.
Note: The license will not be issued until after all other required approvals, licenses and
permits are obtained. This includes the Nevada business license, together with
other State and County approvals.
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Violation of a home-based business license requirement or development standard.
Remedy: Violation of any of the home-based business license requirements (e.g., emitting
dust or gas) or development standards (e.g., outdoor storage of business material
or several employees reporting to work at the home) is cause to suspend, revoke
and/or not renew the license.
Note: There are several requirements and development standards in County Code. Code
compliance staff should be contacted for more information.

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