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What code violations can I report?

Code Enforcement is responsible to address the following complaints:

• Outdoor storage of junk vehicles, building material, appliances, and/or debris in public view.
• Outdoor storage of a commercial vehicle and/or commercial equipment on a residentially zoned property.
• Keeping of livestock or other animals on property not zoned for such activity.
• Cargo and/or storage containers which do not meet placement standards or permit requirements.
• Living or sleeping in a recreational vehicle or travel trailer.
• Operating a business in the unincorporated County without a valid Washoe County business, liquor or gaming license.
• Violation of a home-based business license requirement or development standard.

If you did not see your violation listed here please describe in detail or please contact Washoe County Code Enforcement at: (775) 328-6106

Updated 7/25/2018 11:37 AM
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