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Are residents required by the County to clear snow from publicly used sidewalks in front of their homes?

The property owner who has a side  “in front” of their home is responsible for clearing the public side walk that abuts their property. 


Washoe County Code Enforcement and Washoe County Roads Division does not regulate or enforce these codes.  Sidewalks that are not cleared become a civil matter between property owners or between any person who may be injured on the un-cleared sides walks and the property owner who did not clear the side walk in front of their property.


Below are links to Washoe County Code (WCC) for Highways, Roads, and Sidewalks = Chapter 85.  Included are the portion that speaks to snow removal. 


Washoe County  Code – Highways, Roads and Sidewalks – Chapter 85

Snow and Ice Removal From Sidewalks (p. 18)


85.365 Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks utilized by

public. It is unlawful for any person owning, having charge or

control of or occupying a property, building, lot, part of a

lot, land or real estate open to public use or abutting on any

street or roadway in the unincorporated area of Washoe County to

fail, refuse or neglect to remove or cause to be removed all ice

or snow resulting from a storm from the sidewalk or sidewalks in

front of such property, building, lot, part of a lot, land or

real estate.

[§2, Ord. No. 250]  (p.18)



Washoe County Development Code = Chapter 110

Article 902 – DEFINITIONS


Front Yards. See "Yard, Front."  (p. 717)


Yard. "Yard" means an open space on the same lot or parcel used with the building, extending

from the setback line to the nearest lot line, to be unoccupied and unobstructed except as

provided in the Development Code.  (p.734)


Yard, Front. "Front yard" means a yard lying between the setback line and the front lot line and

extending across the full width of the lot or parcel. In the case of either a corner lot or an interior

lot with multiple street frontages, all yards abutting streets, other than collectors or arterials, shall

be considered as front yards. (p.734)

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