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What are the appeal guidelines for the Washoe County False Alarm Reduction Program?

The Washoe County Alarm Ordinance defines a false alarm as: “an Alarm Dispatch Request to the Sheriff’s Office which results in the responding deputy finding no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense after completing an investigation of the Alarm Site. It also includes an alarm dispatch request that is cancelled after a deputy is dispatched and has marked arrival.”


Appeal Process:

The Alarm User is able to appeal any false alarm or charge invoiced to them. There is a two step process for all appeals. They are detailed below:


Step 1:

If the alarm user is appealing if a false alarm occurred, the alarm user would need to send something in writing (either via mail or email.) The Alarm Administrator will advise if the alarm was valid or not. If the alarm is determined to be valid, the alarm user could then continue with the appeal with step #2 below.

If the alarm user wants to appeal any charges on the permit, the alarm user must go to step #2 below.


Step 2:

If you are appealing to have any fees waived or if you are continuing your appeal from step #1, you must do the following:

- Submit your appeal in writing.

- Pay a refundable appeal fee of $25. This fee is refunded back to you if your appeal is granted.

Your written appeal must include following:

- Your name

- Your email address (if applicable)

- The alarm location

-  Date of the false alarm

- Your permit number

- Reasons for the appeal

- Any supporting evidence


If the alarm user continues on to step #2, you may be required to be appear in person for an Administrative Hearing. You will receive more information once your appeal is submitted.


For additional information, please contact Washoe311 Service Center at:

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