WM Commercial Row - Closure Dates

February 10, 2021

WM will be making improvements to the concrete floor and walls of the pit, the location where trash is deposited before it is transferred to a larger truck for delivery to Lockwood Landfill. In order to allow the concrete time to cure and accommodate the flow of waste deposited by WM collection trucks, public access will be temporarily closed. Curbside waste collection for residential and commercial customers will continue as usual.

Below is an anticipated list of dates when members of the public and non-WM businesses typically using the transfer station at Commercial Row will be asked to use our facility at 13890 Mt. Anderson Street in Stead or go to Lockwood Landfill.

• February 26-28

• March 5 – 12

• March 15 -19

• March 22-26

• March 29 – April 2

• April 8-11

• April 15-18

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