Voting & Elections

2024 Election Calendar
Entrevistas en Espanol Para la Primaria de la Preferencia Presidencial
Registrar of Voters

Candidate Information

Who is my elected official for office _______?

Election Reporting/Maps/Statistics

Can you tell me how many Republicans, or Democrats, or NP, etc. are in my precinct/district/etc.?
How many precincts are in elected district ______?
How many registered voters are there in Washoe County?
I am looking for a ballot question from a prior election, where can I find that information?
What was the voter turnout in _______?

Elections/Voting Options

Can I request a permanent status for an absentee ballot?
How do I have my voter information withheld from the public?
How do I track my ballot?
How or where do I return my mail-in ballot?
I am traveling, but not out of the country, how can I vote?
I didn't receive my sample ballot or mail-in ballot.
I need voter statistic information.
I want to be an Election Worker.
I want to order a voter list.
I want to order precinct and district maps.
I will be traveling and would like to vote by mail. Will my ballot be forwarded with my other mail by the post office while I am away?
What are the Registrar of Voters office hours?
What is presidential preference primary?
Where can I vote?
Where is my Sample/Mail-in Ballot?
Where is the Registrar of Voters office located?
Who is my assemblyman, senator, commissioner, etc.?

Get Involved/Becoming an Election Worker

I want to be a election worker.

Signature Curing

Ballot Curing and Signature Verification

Voter Registration

Do I have to re-register to vote every year?
How and/or where can I register to vote?
How can I get a certified copy of my voter's registration?
How do I change my party affiliation?
How long do you have to live in Nevada before you can register to vote?
I have been convicted of a felony, can I register to vote?
What are the requirements to register to vote?

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