Property Information

Assessor - Real Estate General

Document Search - Recorder's Office
How can I search for Power of Attorney records?
What are the Recorder's Office hours of operation?

Assessor Maps

Washoe County Assessor's Office Mapping Division

Change of Address

How can I change my mailing address?
I paid off my mortgage. How do I get a copy of my tax bill?

Current Projects

Neighborhood Projects - Upcoming Project Information
RTC-5 Voter-Approved Fuel Tax Information

Declaration of Homestead

Declaration of Homestead Form and Abandonment of Homestead form

Deed of Trust / Mortgage

How do I add someone to the title of my property?
How do I remove a deceased joint tenant’s name from the title of my property?
When a Deed of Trust/Mortgage is paid off, who records the release document and returns it to the property owner?

Planning and Development Code

Are there any tree breed restrictions in Washoe County?
Sign Standards - Development Code

Planning and Development General

Who can one contact to propose a new street name for the street one currently lives on?

Planning and Development

Neighborhood Projects - Upcoming Project Information

Property Assessments

How can I have my personal information listed on the "Real Property Assessment" removed?
How is my personal property valued?
What if I disagree with my assessment?

Property Information General

How can I have my personal information listed on the "Real Property Assessment" removed?
Where can I access a complete HOA list in Washoe County?

Property Lines

How can I see where my property lines/setbacks are located?
Who determines property lines?

Recorders - Property Records Information

How can I change the ownership name on a parcel?

Short Term / Vacation Rental Property

Transient Lodging Tax
Short Term Rentals

Tax General Information

Schedule of Property Tax Payments

Veterans Exemptions

What documents are required for this exemption?

View/Pay/Check on Status of Property Tax Payments

How Are Taxes Collected?
What is the schedule of property tax payments?
Where can I view/ pay/ check on the status of my property tax payment(s)?


Nuisance Codes - Land Use (Zoning) Regulations
Regulatory Zone Maps - Washoe county

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